Secret Place

A secret place for fresh lovers and long-time married couples, for those who long for solitude, silence, a good night’s sleep, to hide, to get inspired, to slow down, to clear one’s mind, to hike, to climb trees, to pick flowers and mushrooms, to write poems, to think, even with a dog.


Somewhere in the Balaton Uplands, away from everything and everyone, in the middle of the forest, with a panoramic view of the Eastern- and Western Basin of Balaton, Tihany Peninsula and Pécsely Basin. Approachable by a gravel forest path and a dirt road.


A nicely equipped, remodeled circus car for two, with a 12v solar powered shower, a casette toilet, a 12v refrigerator, camping gas, an iron stove, a terrace, a fire pit and a hammock.

On the 2000m2 plot: three pine trees, a walnut tree, bushes and a meadow.



From May 1st to October 31st, above the age of 14 for one or two people, for a minimum of 3 nights.

How much?

·        May-September-October: 275 €/week, 150 €/3 nights

·        June-July-August: 390 €/week, 200 €/3 nights

·        Payment within 5 days after the confirmation of reservation by bank transfer, in euros or hungarian forints (HUF) at the MNB central rate valid on the day of the transfer.




Shower and sink with 12v solar-powered pump and 75l water tank

Built-in casette toilet with 17l emptiable tank

25 liter cooler tank (plugable into the cigarette-lighter)

12v USB charger (plugable into the cigarette-lighter)

French bed

Camping gas stove

Wood-burning iron stove

Outdoor toilet with wood chips

Outdoor shower

Camping table, deck chair, chairs, hammock

Mobile signal






Loud noises

Gasoline odor




Hot water



’Börtönkút’ waterspring just a stone’s throw away

Calvary in Vöröstó

Zador Castle on Derék-hegy

Örvényes Free Beach

Zománc Bistro in Vászoly

Szőlősi Pub in Balatonszőlős

Kiskakas Restaurant in Tótvázsony

Szálka Bistro in Aszófőn

Kossuth Lookout Tower in  Mencshely

Dobosi Bio Riesling Wine in Szentantalfa